A day in Wiamea

Yesterday was one of those days where the laundry was piled up and the house was a wreck and we should have been working but instead we grabbed the kids and played hooky. I'm so glad we did we had such a great day exploring new places in Wiamea!

Kyle wiamea fields
Kyle gate
Leena Wiamea Fields

We found this beautiful spot to get out and stretch our legs for a little walk and I couldn't help but snap some cute pics of the kids exploring! In Wiamea you can see the islands peaks in the horizon and it's so beautiful everywhere you look.

the fish and the hog

We stopped at a fun little restaurant called the Fish and the Hog which was a great find because hello BBQ!! We have missed having a great BBQ place to eat and now we have found one! They had great brisket as well as seafood options. The atmosphere is country chic with and island twist which was super cute. Our drink came in mason jars and there was even a blanket on the backs of the chairs to make you feel at home.

Wiamea Lookout

We spent the day driving down back roads and exploring new places we had yet to discover. At the top of one of these back roads was this incredible view of the entire island! It was so beautiful and peaceful up here and the sky was just lovely! It was the perefect ending to our fun day.